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Partnering with Leap Financials is a key ingredient for financial success.

"At Leap Financials, we know that managing a business can be stressful, especially when it comes to the financial side of things. 

That's why we created Leap Financials - to take the burden of bookkeeping off of business owners' shoulders.

We're more than just bookkeepers, we're also business strategists and financial advisors. We take a comprehensive approach to managing your finances and will work with you to develop a financial plan that aligns with your business goals. 

our goal always remains the same, no matter what type of client we are working with. Simply put, we strive to give you an accurate picture of your financial situation. We're dedicated to helping your business reach its full potential, and that means treating it as if it were our own."

Our Process 

Want to know how we help businesses thrive?

Our Process


Creating a strong financial foundation for your business starts with building a positive relationship with your financial expert. That's why we take the extra step to really get to know you, your business operations and the unique challenges you face. By having a deep understanding of your business, we can tailor our services to provide the most effective solutions to help you achieve your financial goals.


Financial data can be complex and confusing, but with our help, you'll be able to make sense of it all. We'll provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your finances, helping you identify areas for growth and creating policies that will increase revenue. We'll also guide you through a tailored process that is designed to reduce stress and boost profits.

Once we have acquired all the necessary financial information, we'll use it to create accurate and up-to-date records.


To truly understand the financial health of your business, it's important to look beyond the surface level numbers and dive deeper. That's where the real gold lies. By delving into the details, we can identify areas of strength and weakness, and together we can pinpoint opportunities for growth.

we will gather all the necessary financial information and credentials. This includes establishing secure connections to your bank account, as well as implementing any other systems or software that will aid in the bookkeeping process.

Ongoing Support 

Making informed decisions about your finances is essential for the success of your business, but knowing what steps to take is just the first step. We'll work with you to identify areas for improvement, and provide you with the tools you need to implement efficient processes that will help you increase your profits.

From data analysis and financial modeling to best practices and strategies, our team of experts will be there to provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed. We want to be your trusted partner in achieving financial success.

  • Q: What services does Leap Financials offer?
    A: Leap Financials provides bookkeeping services for small businesses, including bank reconciliations, financial statement preparation, payroll processing, and more.
  • Q: Can Leap Financials help with tax preparation?
    A: While Leap Financials does not provide tax preparation services, we can work with your tax professional to provide the financial information they need.
  • Q: Can Leap Financials help me set up my accounting software?
    A: Yes, Leap Financials can help set up and optimize your accounting software to ensure accurate and efficient bookkeeping.
  • Q: How quickly can Leap Financials get started working with my business?
    A: Leap Financials can typically get started working with a new client within one to two weeks of initial contact.
  • Q: Do I need to provide all of my financial information to Leap Financials?
    A: Yes, Leap Financials requires access to your financial information in order to provide bookkeeping services. However, we take the security of your information very seriously and only use it for the purpose of providing services to you.
  • Q: How does Leap Financials ensure the security of my financial information?
    A: Leap Financials takes the security of our clients’ financial information very seriously. We use secure, encrypted software and follow best practices for data protection.
  • Q: How often will I receive financial reports from Leap Financials?
    A: Leap Financials can provide financial reports on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, depending on your needs.
  • Q: How often will Leap Financials reconcile my accounts?
    A: Leap Financials typically reconciles accounts on a monthly basis, but can adjust the frequency to meet your needs.
  • Q: How does Leap Financials work with clients remotely?
    A: At Leap Financials, we provide bookkeeping services remotely using secure, encrypted software. Our team of experienced bookkeepers is trained in remote work and can effectively communicate with clients using phone, email, and video conferencing as needed. We utilize the latest technology to securely and efficiently access your financial information, ensuring that your data remains safe and confidential at all times.
  • Q: Who will I be talking to once I become a client of Leap Financials?
    A: You will be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper who will be your primary point of contact for all bookkeeping-related questions and concerns. This bookkeeper will work closely with you to understand your business and ensure accurate and timely reporting. Additionally, our management team is always available to address any broader questions or concerns you may have about our services.

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